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There are always many considerations and decisions that go into the average bathroom remodel. And all too often, this process is even more complicated when multiple designers, contractors, and retailers come into play. Fortunately, the full-service bathroom design center at Mans Lumber & Millwork is here to make this process simple, streamlined, and affordable.

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in a home, and Mans Lumber & Millwork takes pride in providing our valued clients with custom designs and personalized service. With our vast selection of bathroom remodeling furnishings and products, we can bring your bathroom ideas to life and keep you within your special budget.

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When you partner with the bathroom design center at Mans Lumber & Millwork, we take the time to understand your project needs and provide innovative and creative solutions for ensuring your project leaves you with a bathroom that makes you feel pampered.

We’ve refined the complex process of bathroom design and remodeling, and we ensure our clients have access to the greatest service and products in the local marketplace. From small stock cabinets and custom trim to decorative accents and backsplashes, Mans Lumber & Millwork can handle your entire project including all necessary permits, floor plans, and installation.

Bathroom Design Centers

To learn more about our conveniently located bathroom design centers, we invite you to contact us today or visit one of our locations across Canton, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, and Trenton.

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