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Our unique history sets us apart from the competition. We acquired Finished Carpentry Products in 2000, Washtenaw Door & Trim in 2018, and just recently in 2020, joined forces with Legendary Millwork, along with all the staff. We make custom seem standard. Doing a good job for our customers and getting their referrals is important to us.

That is why you can count on Mans Lumber & Millwork for professional work, creating Baseboard Moulding, the utmost integrity and honesty with every project.

Custom Work

Now with Legendary Millwork joining the team, we have even more custom options to offer. Our team is experienced with most team members possessing 10-25 years of field knowledge. Whether you need a few sticks of crown moulding, baseboard moulding, standard wood molding profiles or a complete trim package we are the shop for you.

Our moulding and millwork profile catalog allows you to see wood moldings and trim profiles.

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Let’s get CUSTOM!

We’ve been asked many unique questions over the years. We have come to the rescue of our clients by creating or reproducing custom wood or composite items, matching historical items, and fixing many one-of-a-kind items. If it is broken or missing and is special to you, make sure to check with us first to see if we can help!

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  • Custom Wood Doors

    Whether you are looking for an entertainment center to fit your new flat panel TV, lockers and storage for the mud room, a new kitchen, or an entire house full of new cabinetry, MANS can match your style and taste to turn your home into a showplace of form and function.

    At Mans, we offer custom-made products. Whether you are starting from scratch or need to match an existing profile, we can help. We understand that many companies are gone from our market, but we may be able to help find the profiles that you have bought elsewhere. Our vast knowledge of market history and our relationships with local mills allows us to be your best bet for custom needs. Follow the link to our custom profile guide and if you don’t see it there, bring in a sample, and chances are that we will be able to find it!

    Click Here for Our Custom Profile Guide

  • Mouldings & Trim

    Mans Lumber and Millwork is one of the last full-service “trim shops” in Michigan. Mouldings include casing, base, chair rail, panel mouldings and crown.. Pick the right mouldings and trim to build character and personality in your environment. Adding a molding or trim is one of the easiest and least expensive building techniques that you can use to create an immediate impact and increase the perceived value of your property. Installing crown molding, wainscot paneling, chair rails or mantel trims can heighten your property’s architectural elegance and differentiate your home or business from others. There are various selections of mouldings and trim at Mans Lumber & Millwork, you’ll find a huge selection. From standard mouldings to custom mouldings and trim, the designs make a difference in any room. Our personalized attention to detail and showroom stocked with a multitude of samples and brochures will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

    We carry all of the top manufacturer and brand names:

  • Hand Railings, Balusters, Treads

    Yes, it’s true, stair parts are an emotional decision. Let’s face it, your stairs make a statement. What do you want them to say? The options are endless.

    At Mans Lumber & Millwork, we work with the best carpenters in Southeastern Michigan to make sure your staircase is completed to architectural and historical standards. Consider us your stairway project manager. You will be amazed at the quality selection of standard and custom species that we can offer including oak, hickory, maple, cherry, poplar, and many other special order wood species.

    The Stair Handrail for steps is usually simple, plain yet elegant in nature. Little details may be found on it in order for it to achieve optimum functionality. Since the main functions of a stairway handrail are to promote safety and to prevent unnecessary injuries, it should be easily held, durable and stable. If not, then your staircase is a point in your homes or offices where accidents are waiting to happen.

    Mans Lumber & Millwork is the Largest provider of newels, hand railing, balusters, treads, and rail fittings, in SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN!

    We carry all of the top manufacturer and brand names:

  • Interior Molded Doors

    When it comes to interior doors, you have many choices on design, species and size. Interior doors can help create the look and feel you want to add that special touch to the finish of the inside of your home. A door can be almost anything from a subtle transition between two rooms to a room divider. Make sure to take advantage of our highly-trained outside sales staff so you make the best decision with your home’s most distinguishing features.

    At Mans Lumber & Millwork, we work with the best carpenters in Southeastern Michigan to make sure your staircase is Why are we different? We pre-hang the doors in our Canton, MI facility! We hang over 100 doors a day in our production department. Whether you need a builder grade hollow-core door or a completely custom wood door, we can help. Our customers are thrilled with the ease of installation with our pre-machined and pre-hung doors. We can assist with the measurement of your door openings in your home so that we get the order correct the first time. Our customers count on us every day to manage door projects for them. We can offer custom jamb sizes, cut-down doors and machined to match replacement door slabs.

    We are Metro Detroit’s #1 TruStile door dealer. We use commercial thickness, square corner hinges when we hang the TruStile Doors. Don’t settle for less!

    Click Here for Our In Stock Interior Molded Door

    We carry all of the top manufacturer and brand names:

  • Custom Doors

    Entry systems speak volumes about your style and home functionality. We can get manufactured pre-hung exterior doors or we can pre-hang them for you right here at our facility. There are so many choices in exterior doors and a big difference between steel, fiberglass, and wood doors — not to mention all the different glass options. With fiberglass doors you have additional paint or stain choices.

    Many homeowners are steering clear of wood products because of the expansion/contraction and energy-related issues. Others insist on only wood doors for the elegant detail and color choices. We help our customers narrow down the choices based on their unique tastes. It’s an emotional decision, and it is the biggest decision that ultimately could affect the future saleability of your residence.

    We carry all of the top manufacturer and brand names:

  • Hardware For Doors

    At Mans, we offer all types of door hardware. It can be as simple as one locksets and deadbolt combination for a new entry door or as complex as an entire hardware package for a new senior living community. Our customers rely on us to ask the right questions and have the knowledge needed to correctly assess each situation. We can provide value engineering to achieve a certain price point or we can follow an exact specification and fill the order as required. Our staff can help with remodeling along with new construction. We have seen it all! We have partnered with the best manufacturers to bring you door hardware solutions. Please call today for more information.

    We carry all of the top manufacturer and brand names: