Are Wooden Cabinets Better Then Laminate?

October 28, 2022
modern kitchen with wooden cabinets

Are wooden cabinets better then laminate?

When you’re looking to transform the looks of your kitchen, there’s no quicker way to do so than by investing in updated cabinetry. There are so many designs, colors, and materials that it can all be very confusing. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there are two main types of materials, woods or laminates.
There are pros and cons to each, so here’s some information about how they compare to help you decide.

The kitchen with wood finished


Wooden cabinets are not typically made with solid wood, but with a combination of plywood and hardwood solids. Laminate cabinets are built with medium density laminate, a combination of wood by-products and resin glued together under heat and hydraulic pressure to produce solid sheets of material that’s cut and assembled into cabinets.


If you’re looking for a more traditional appearance, you can’t beat wood. There’s a level of style and prestige that comes with real wood, though some laminates can mimic the look of real wood. Laminates are available in a variety of designs, so choosing between the two based on appearance alone is a matter solely up to your style preference.


Wood is very popular and is known for its durability and beautiful look. Those traits are also true of quality laminate cabinets, but if you want a particular wood grain or the multi-dimensional glow of a natural product, you’ll need to go with wood.


Wood cabinets require more upkeep than laminates but in general, they last longer. However, if they’re not regularly cleaned, dirt and grime can settle. They also tend to require specialized products, designed specifically for cleaning wood. The surface of laminate cabinets is slick and glossy, and a damp cloth or sponge will work well when they need cleaning. Any spots can be easily removed from laminates, but not so much with wood.

Laminate is very tough, and is hard to dent or scratch, but problems can arise when edges or corners of laminate life slightly. Once the glue loosens under the laminate, it can get worse, and it’s hard to successfully repair it.


Given its traditional and prestigious beauty, as well as it’s durability and longevity, wood cabinets tend to cost more than laminates. So, if your budget won’t allow for wood, laminates will work better. However, if you’re contemplating selling your home anytime soon, the wood cabinets will add more value than laminates.

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