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Countless considerations and decisions go into the average bathroom remodel, making the process too complex for the casual do-it-yourselfer. All too often, the bathroom renovation process is made more complicated by involving multiple designers, contractors, and retailers. Fortunately, Mans Lumber is here to simplify bathroom remodels in Southeast Michigan with our full-service bathroom design centers. The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in a home, and we take pride in providing our valued clients with custom designs and a personalized level of service not seen in big-box retailers. With our vast selection of bathroom remodeling furnishings and products, we can bring your bathroom ideas to life and keep you within your specified budget. You’ll enjoy a simple, streamlined, affordable bathroom remodel project, thanks to our invaluable assistance!

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The Complete Bathroom Remodeling Solution

Your home’s bathroom is a tranquil space that gives you a chance at some quiet time. However, living with a bathroom you don’t love can be stressful. Whether it’s a full, half, or master bathroom, your bathroom should be designed to meet your needs. At Mans Lumber, we provide complete bathroom design and installation services. We can handle any size remodeling project. It may be time to update your bathroom if you find yourself frustrated with any of the following:

Outdated – Bathroom design trends change rapidly. However, the design team at Mans Lumber always stays current on the latest styles for bathrooms so we can ensure your new bathroom matches your style and looks fantastic.

Poor Layout – No matter what homeowners do, it’s impossible to overcome a poor bathroom layout. When you have a bad bathroom layout, you can count on our professional team to assist you. We will help maximize the space so your bathroom works for you.

Damage – Bathrooms are a haven for mold and mildew growth. When fixtures aren’t correctly installed, it can lead to significant water damage that can damage your entire home. If you notice damage in your home’s bathroom, it’s time to contact a professional to begin a remodel.

Lacking Storage – If your home’s bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space, it can be inconvenient. Proper storage for towels and toiletries can ensure your bathroom stays tidy between uses.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

At Mans Lumber, we follow a comprehensive remodeling process to ensure you’re entirely satisfied with the finished product. Whether you’re remodeling your half, full, or master bathroom, we want to help you bring your vision to life. Our experienced designers work with our installation crews to ensure a hassle-free project. Learn more about our installation process:

Consultation – During the initial consultation, our team of designers will take measurements of the space, get an idea of your style, and learn about your needs. Understanding your vision is key to ensuring a high-quality remodel.

Development – Our design team will create a preliminary mock-up of your remodel with the information provided. Here you’ll have a chance to make any changes to your design so that it fits your needs.

Presentation – After the initial edits, our design team will present the final remodel. We utilize high-quality 3D rendering technology that allows you to explore your new space in a virtual model.

Installation – Once the project has been finalized, our team will begin the installation process. We only use the highest quality products and materials to give you a gorgeous finished remodel.

Follow-Up – Our work isn’t done just because the remodel is complete. We take the time to follow up with you to ensure you’re satisfied with the final product.

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Bathroom makeovers today aren’t all that different from those of the past. Most people are interested in making their bathrooms comfortable and spa-like for relaxing soaks in the tub and moments of quiet contemplation. If you’re considering updating your home’s bathroom, then visit one of our three full-service bathroom remodeling centers. We have a large showroom of bathroom products to help inspire you. You can also discuss your vision with one of our knowledgeable team members. We have decades of experience working on bathroom projects of any size, regardless of budget. Contact us today to learn more!

More on Bathroom Remodeling & Design

  • From the initial design consultation to the finalization of your bathroom makeover, we’ve streamlined the bathroom remodeling process for Southeast Michigan homeowners. The process begins with a visit to one of our showrooms in Ann Arbor, Canton, Trenton, or Birmingham to view our products in-person or by contacting us to schedule an in-home or virtual design consultation. One of our bathroom contractors will arrange a convenient time to visit your home to take measurements of your bathroom’s layout for the most accurate project estimate. Once we have details about your desired floor plan and budget, we’ll draw up bathroom renovation plans and have you choose the one that best meets your preferences. Next, we’ll help you narrow down your many options for bathroom building materials, fixtures, lighting, and more to ensure your satisfaction. Because we understand homeowners don’t want to be hassled throughout their bath remodels, we do our best to minimalize any daily disruptions. You’ll be left with a beautiful new bathroom meeting your makeover criteria and peace of mind knowing our customer service extends beyond the build to include whatever follow-up service you may require

  • Bathroom makeovers today aren’t all that different from those of the past. Most people are interested in making their bathrooms comfortable and spa-like for relaxing soaks in the tub and moments of quiet contemplation. LED lighting is not only a trend due to its energy-efficiency, but it’s also favored for its calming glow. While mirrors are a must-have for brushing your teeth and checking your personal appearance, they also make bold decorative statements without breaking the bank. If your bathroom flooring or shower is starting to show signs of its age, modern bathroom tiles come in various shapes and designs to help you create a peaceful atmosphere. You can also evoke the old-world charm of a spa by adding exquisite wood accents or terracotta tiling. Mans Lumber & Millwork can help you brainstorm the bathroom remodel ideas best for your budget and space.

  • Bathroom renovations come with several obvious and not-so-obvious benefits. Many homeowners remodel their bathrooms to make them look larger and less cluttered. The right cabinetry can help you conceal your toiletries, medicines, cleaning products, and more without sacrificing space. Another common reason for bathroom makeovers is to make them eco-friendly with updated fixtures to replace leaky faucets or to give you a more energy-efficient toilet or on-demand water heater. No matter what scale of bathroom remodel you’ve decided upon, most home renovation experts agree you’re sure to see a significant return on investment when it comes to selling a home with an updated bathroom. Potential buyers will appreciate a well-designed bathroom as much as you and your family.

  • If you could use help streamlining your next bathroom remodel in Southeast Michigan, contact Mans Lumber & Millwork today to get started with our dedicated bathroom remodeling contractors. For your convenience, we have full-service bathroom design centers located in Trenton, Ann Arbor, and Canton, or make an appointment at our Birmingham Selection Center with experienced staff ready to give you bathroom renovation ideas and tips. Visit us today!

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