Decking Materials in Michigan

Comparing Composite & Wood Decking Options

Trying to decide between wood and composite decking for your Michigan home? Mans Lumber & Millwork is Michigan’s #1 Trex® composite decking dealer. Composite decking is ideal for homeowners who want the classic look of a wood deck without the maintenance required by treated wood decks. Composite decking boards, including brands like Trex, are a unique combination of reclaimed or recycled wood and plastic fibers. This “green” option resists fading, will not twist and crack like wood can over time, and comes in a range of colors. Composite decks don’t require staining and only need an occasional washing to keep them clean, also making them low-maintenance.

From Species to Treatment, Choices for Wood Decking

Hardwood decking remains a popular choice for many Michigan homeowners. From cedar and pine to mahogany, teak, oak, cherry, and redwood, you have many wood species to choose from for your new backyard deck. Wood decking is warm, classic, and completely customizable. Chemically treated lumber is resistant to damage and fire, letting you create your dream deck on a budget. High-quality cedar is naturally resistant to decay. Mans Lumber & Millwork can help you determine your decking material options and which species of treated deck lumber is right for you. We also carry a wide selection of high-quality sealants, stains, and cleaners to keep your new wood deck looking beautiful. Talk to a friendly member of our staff to learn more about treated and cedar decks, fasteners, and installation techniques, or have Mans recommend a licensed deck builder in Southeast Michigan for you.

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For your outside decks and patios! All types of woods, PVC, composites available. All types of stain colors. Maintenance free and environmentally friendly, ask us how!

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Along with residential homes, Mans has provided best decking material and many beautiful and functional decks for commercial uses in apartments, marina’s and lounges for outdoor smoking usage.

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More Decking

  • For those who prefer the look of a wood deck and cannot be swayed otherwise, the deck building experts at Mans Lumber & Millwork may suggest cedar decking. Cedar decks are resistant to rot and damage from insects, although cedar wood does have the tendency to splinter. You won’t have to worry about your cedar deck warping due to moisture since cedar decking is resistant to the elements and changes in temperature without chemical treatment. Cedar decks don’t need to be stained and require far less maintenance than other types of wood decks on average. Homeowners also favor the distinctive color and aroma of cedar decking. Wood treatments and seasonal maintenance in the spring and before the onset of winter will also help prevent damages and weathering to your cedar deck, so it looks its best. Your family will enjoy spending quality time on your backyard cedar deck for many years to come.

  • You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with eye-pleasing composite decking that’s pest-resistant and low-maintenance for superior durability. Composite decking mimics the finish and texture of genuine wood decking without ever having to be sealed, stained, sanded, refinished, or painted. When you invest in composite decking, you can be confident of its long-lasting qualities and resistance to fading over time. Splinters are also never a concern with composite decking, meaning you can walk barefoot across it any time you want. Composite decking provides a modern, clean look that can be customized for your property. It’s also an environmentally-friendly decking material you can feel good about choosing because it’s made of recycled wood and plastic fibers.

  • Whether you’re interested in cedar or composite decking, Mans Lumber & Millwork has all your outdoor decking needs covered in Southeast Michigan. Although both types of decking may cost a little more upfront than other wood types, they’re worth the investment because they’re built to last without extensive maintenance or repairs. Besides decks, we also supply materials for deck railings, stairs, porch ceilings, and accessories. Put the finishing touches on your new outdoor decking and ensure it’s handicap-accessible with wood, PVC, or composite deck railings. Have you considered adding flower boxes, trellises, benches, porch ceiling fans, or outdoor lighting to complete your backyard oasis?

  • Do you have a specific idea in mind for your new outdoor decking, or could you benefit from expert advice? Mans Lumber & Millwork offers residential deck design services to make your dream deck a reality. We’ll help you customize your deck for beauty and functionality, so it feels like a natural extension of your home. Thanks to the aid of industry-leading software from our manufacturers, we can show you a custom design from the convenience of one of our showrooms. We’d also be happy to pair you with premium deck contractors for your wood or composite decking to ensure your satisfaction.

Decking Options

  • Railings For Decks

    When it comes to railings, Mans Lumber & Millwork can truly offer choices from A-Z. Who knew there were so many choices? Our thoroughly-trained staff can guide you in making the right selection for your home or business based on style, current structure, and accent needs. We also have the LARGEST amount of deck railing options available in Southeastern Michigan for handicap-accessible railings. Your choice! All types of wood, PVC, and composites deck railings available.

    Deck railings provide the finishing touches for your new decking. Safety is the practical consideration behind the installation of deck railings, including handicap-accessible railings. However, in selecting deck railings, keep maintenance in mind. Additionally, there is also an aesthetic component: Choosing wisely from among the various deck railing styles is critical to the project from a design perspective. Largest selection of railings in STOCK in Southeastern Michigan!

  • Accessories For Decks

    You have the deck designed. Now how about deck accessories? You know at Mans Lumber & Millwork it’s your choice. and there are so many options! Have you considered outdoor lighting?

    Perhaps you need a custom deck accessories, flower box, trellis, benches, or storage unit. Our creative staff can help with that. Hard to find deck hardware products are easy with Mans Lumber & Millwork. You name it, we’ll find it for you.

  • Porch Ceilings For Decks

    Outdoor Porch Ceiling Ideas

    Have you given thought to your deck and porch ceilings? These are important details that you will have to live with for years to come. At Mans Lumber & Millwork, we have options for screened-in porches and glass porches with design recommendations for lighting and fans.

    A porch ceiling need not be boring. Are you thinking of plywood, vinyl beadboard ceiling or tongue and groove? A great ceiling adds lots of charm. Your choice! All types of woods from cedar to oak, PVC and composites available.

    Your choices! Hundreds of porch lighting options, Ceiling medallions, vinyl porch ceiling material, ceiling mouldings, and architectural/structural beams. The sky’s the limit!

  • Design Services For Decks

    When you work with Mans Lumber & Millwork to create your deck design you can expect very personalize service. Our experienced staff will find out what your goals are first to make the very best recommendations for your project. A well-designed deck brings added beauty and functionality to any home, allowing the impression of quality and style you’ve created inside to extend outdoors.

    Deck Design Services – Some things on our checklist include: Will you entertain often? How will you use your deck? Will you use it frequently, sometimes, or only on the weekend? We can help clients map out their wishes with a blueprint or custom design right in our showroom with one of the on-line manufacturers’ software programs. Many of these programs automatically produce a materials list based on customer wishes so we can then provide a very accurate cost of the project in a timely manner.

    Simple steps to take before you stop by:

    1. Determine exactly why you want to build your deck.
      • Extension of your home
      • Outdoor kitchen
      • Parties, social gatherings- Is stain resistance important to you?
      • Hot tub / Pool surround
    2. Determine location and size.
      • Decide how high off the ground it will be
      • Locate obstructions such as trees, AC units, windows, ponds
      • How many access points will it have?
      • Stake out the shape and size to visualize how it will look
    3. Always remember to make the necessary calls.
      • Before you dig: Diggers Hotline – 1-800-242-8511
      • Before you build: Your local building inspector
  • Stairs For Decks

    Help set off your deck with a beautiful stairway. Whether your deck is over a walkout basement or only a few feet off the ground, you’ll need a set of deck stairs. At Mans Lumber, we can help you tie the look of you’re stairs into the deck or create something completely different for more architectural appeal. Don’t forget about lighting and accent collars for some contrast and detail.

    Decking stairs and steps are often looked upon as the most complex aspect of a new deck project or an update to an existing deck. However, if you follow a few simple tips, creating a set of sturdy, reliable and attractive stairs and steps for your deck can be easier than you might think.

  • Fasteners & Hangers For Decks

    Deck hardware is important when coordinating your overall look and feel of your deck. Mans Lumber & Millwork ensure that your choices and coordination efforts are seamless and endless!

    Deck Framing & Decking Joists

    Consider your fasteners and hangers are the necklace and shoes that you would pick to coordinate your outfit. Your deck needs the same attention to detail. We make it so you can coordinate your stains with a huge selection of multi-color screws and hardware accessories. Really! You want to make sure the drapes (flooring) match the curtains (fasteners), even if it is outside!

    Building decks can be a very rewarding weekend project that will add value and enjoyment to your backyard. Although there are certain advantages to having professional contractors handle the construction, a DIY deck can be just as nice providing you have a good design, deck framing use quality decking joists and use top quality materials such as Decking Screws or other Nuts and Bolts. Besides purchasing high-grade lumber, you will also need to order the deck fasteners to hold your structure together.

    Largest selection of deck fasteners & hangers colors/styles in STOCK in Southeastern Michigan!