Wood Decking Options in Michigan

Wood Decking Options From Mans Lumber

For over 100 years, Mans Lumber has been the team to trust when you need wood decking material and designs. Our team works with you to help create something extraordinary and unique for your home. We can work with the builders in case there are issues or questions from what we give them, and you can trust the wood decking materials are some of the best in the industry. Not only will we find the right wood, but we can then pair it with a proper stain and finish to meet all of your design goals. We want you proud every time you step out on your deck for morning coffee, evening dinner parties, or simply hanging out with the kids.

You can also count on us for all the wood decking materials you need for deck railings, stairs, porch ceilings, and accessories. And when it comes to designing your new wood deck, our team has plenty of experience starting from scratch, using previous projects, or working solely with your ideas. Give us a call as soon as you’re ready to begin the designing and purchasing process of your wood decking on your Michigan home.

The Difference Between Soft and Hardwood Decking

Wood decking comes with plenty of benefits over the alternative, but you may need help selecting which one is the right one for your Michigan home. Wood can be temperamental, and having a dedicated team like Mans Lumber on your side will ensure you get exactly what you need when completing a decking project. The first thing we need to help you decide is whether soft or hardwood decking is suitable for your project. Each offers pros and cons, and you can read further about both below:

Softwood: We source this type of wood decking from coniferous or evergreen trees, which tend to grow much faster than hardwoods. It needs special treatment before the wood gets manufactured for construction purposes, but this will help it stand up to the different weather we experience in Michigan. You can also expect a lower price point when it comes to choosing softwood, but there will be more frequent maintenance, such as cleaning twice a year.

Hardwood: This type of wood decking usually comes from slow-growing trees like that of ash or oak. Because of the time it requires to harden, it can be the more expensive option for decking, but it also means it is more durable and will last longer in between services. If well-maintained, your new deck could end up lasting you 50+ years. In fact, you may find it actually looks better with age instead of the other way around, like with softwoods.

Mans Lumber Offers Different Types of Wood Decking

Once you decide between soft or hardwood decking, the Mans Lumber team will help you decide which specific wood species will work with your home and project. With over 100 years of assisting Michigan residents in choosing their wood decking material, you can count on us to ensure we have exactly what you need for your new deck build. Below are some of the wood we have at Mans Lumber for you to choose from for your new decking project:

  • Cedar

  • Ipe

  • Mahogany

  • Redwood

  • Pressure-treated lumber

  • Modified wood

Why Choose Wood Decking Over Alternatives?

The lower cost is one of the most incredible upfront benefits of choosing wood over composite or other alternative decking materials. While the material itself is all around cheaper, you also require less quantity for the project, helping you save even more. These boards also bring your home unparalleled natural beauty. All your guests will swoon over the stain and finish of your new deck. Complete with all the necessary accessories, we bring your yard new life. With a multitude of stains and finishes, Mans Lumber can also help you find the right one to meet your aesthetics and create a sense of relaxation and more.

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Ready to start shopping for wood material used in your next decking project? Search no further than Mans Lumber in Michigan. Our family-owned and -operated team has over a century of experience choosing the suitable wood decking for our clients. Based on your needs and wants, we can help you search our vast inventory. Give us a call today, and let us help you complete your next wood decking project for your home.

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