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Lumber Yard in Michigan

Local Lumber Yard & Building Suppliers

As a locally-owned and operated family business for over 120 years, Mans Lumber has been the local contractor’s go-to for high-quality building supplies, including lumber, plywood, and more. With acres of construction-grade lumber, we’re able to carry hard-to-find building materials no one else will warehouse in our region. In fact, many of our customers come to us because they’ve been disappointed with the selection and quality of the big-box home improvement stores. When you visit us, you can feel confident you’ll find exactly what you need. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to make sure you have the right building materials for your project to guarantee the best result. Contact us today if you have any questions after our selection.

Variety of Lumber Packages

Our local lumber company carries a variety of packages for project-oriented people, including the materials necessary to finish a basement, garage, shed, or deck construction. We can even help with complete addition assemblies. We pride ourselves on giving do-it-yourselfers all the tools and tricks they need to create well-built structures they can be proud of and that will last a long time. All our Southeast Michigan locations include a lumber yard stocked with a full line of lumber and building products, including studs, sheetrock, engineered wood products, house wrap, dimensional and framing lumber, sheathings, OSB (oriented strand board), plywood, and more.


Hardwood is the product of deciduous trees, which as slow-growing tree species. It is one of the most versatile wood options available on the market. However, because of the slow-growing nature of the trees, it’s manufactured from hardwood tends to be less plentiful and more expensive than other wood materials. Hardwood can be used for framing, finishing, as well as creating instruments.


Softwood doesn’t necessarily describe the density of the lumber. Instead, softwood is manufactured from coniferous trees, such as fir, juniper, pine, and spruce. These types of trees grow more quickly, making softwood lumber more affordable and easier to come by. Softwood is primarily used in commercial and residential construction work. They have a gorgeous aesthetic appeal that makes them a fantastic choice for finishing wood, such as molding and trim.

Pressure Treated Lumber

When lumber is treated with special chemicals to make it more resistant to warping, decay, and insect damage, it becomes pressure-treated lumber. There is a variety of pressure-treated lumber manufactures. Pressure-treated wood can come in any style, including plywood, framing lumber, and more. Due to its resilience, pressure-treated lumber is ideal for both commercial and residential use. It’s used primarily where there is a high chance for the wood to come into contact with moisture, including decks, underground posts or beams, retaining walls, and more.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood offers numerous benefits that natural wood simply cannot compete with. Engineered wood generally has better durability than natural wood and resists warping. Due to how it’s manufactured, engineered wood is better for the environment. It is available in various sizes and styles to meet your needs. Due to its versatility, engineered wood is used for a wide variety of commercial and residential construction projects, including building framework, flooring, sheathing, wall accents, and much more.

Sheet Building Material

We carry a wide variety of sheet building materials, including plywood, oriented strand board, and sheetrock, to ensure you have the right material for the job. OSB is engineered wood made up of wood pieces fused together by epoxy. With the epoxy adhesive, OSB is stronger than traditional plywood and can be used in the same building application as traditional plywood.

Siding and Trim

At Mans Lumber, we carry a wide variety of exterior trim and fiber cement siding products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including James Hardie, TimberTech® AZEK, MiraTEC®, and more. Whether you prefer the look of cedar, pine, oak, fir, spruce, PVC, or composites, we have something to suit everyone’s style and budget.

Building Packages

DIYers and handy homeowners choose Mans Lumber when they are working on a home improvement project. We carry a variety of packages for project-oriented people, including the materials necessary to finish a basement, garage, shed, or deck construction. We can even assist you when you’re putting an addition on your home. As the do-it-yourselfers trusted local resource, we’re here to offer you the tips and tricks to complete your project successfully. All of our Southeast Michigan locations include a lumber yard stocked with a full line of lumber and building products. Visit us today to see for yourself.

Lumber Delivery for Contractors

As a building contractor, ensuring you stay within your project deadlines is essential to you and your customers. At Mans Lumber, we offer reliable and timely delivery directly to your job site at an affordable price. As a locally-owned and operated business since 1900, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the best services and the highest quality products. We go above and beyond to ensure you have an excellent experience with us every time. Contact us today to schedule your lumber delivery.

Local Lumber Yard and Building Supplier

At Mans Lumber, we are entirely committed to providing our commercial builders and DIYers with the highest quality building materials in the region. We have become the area’s premier choice with various lumber types, siding, and other building material types. Our credo and commitment to our customers continue to be: Timely return on estimates, on-time delivery, prompt phone call follow up, fair bidding practices, and positive response to customers’ needs, always. Contact us today to learn more.

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More About Our Lumber Yard

  • Founded in 1900, we’ve expanded over the years to become one of the largest family-owned lumber yard operations in the state of Michigan. Whether you need hardwood flooring, lumber, or building materials for an indoor or outdoor project, you’ll find everything you need here at affordable prices. For your convenience, we can even arrange to deliver lumber and building materials directly to your job site. It’s no wonder so many home and commercial builders and contractors choose us over the competition!

  • Carrying high-quality products from James Hardie, TimberTech® AZEK, MiraTEC®, and more, we offer a wide assortment of exterior trim and fiber cement siding products to complete your project. Whether you prefer the look of cedar, pine, oak, fir, spruce, PVC, or composites, we have something to suit everyone’s style and budget.

  • From new builds to renovations, Mans Lumber & Millwork offers engineered wood products to lend support to any project. Not only do we present a vast selection of engineered woods, but we also stock and cut our own laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and I-joists. Allow us to be of additional service with free design and engineer services on all beam products, thanks to our state-of-the-art software.

  • If you’re looking for the nearest lumber yard to your home or job site in Southeast Michigan, you probably don’t have to look very far for a Mans Lumber & Millwork location close to you. We have three lumber yards in Ann Arbor, Canton, and Trenton, with a Birmingham Selection Center, to serve homeowners and contractors searching for the right lumber and building materials to complete new build and renovation projects of all sizes. We encourage you to contact us for more information or stop by the nearest lumber yard yourself to see what we have in stock. You won’t be disappointed by our pricing or selection!

Lumber Options

  • Exterior Trim & Siding

    Our manufacturers are only the best, Hardie, AZEK, Miratec and more. At Mans Lumber & Millwork, you won’t believe our stock of wood and engineered siding and trim! Our board siding is an ideal long-lasting siding for any home. We work with only the best producers of your special home trimmings. After all, we get excited about exterior trim and accessories so you can be proud of your unique home personality. It’s your choice at Mans, all types of woods cedar, spruce, pine, oak, and fir, plus PVC and composites are available.

    Largest selection of siding and exterior trim in STOCK in Southeastern Michigan!

  • Engineered Wood

    Our engineered woods are so vast, we’re bound to have exactly what you need! At Mans Lumber & Millwork, we make sure you get all the “support” you need, and we size to specifications your beams for your structural “piece of mind”. We can honestly say that no one else in Michigan offers the software, knowledge, and capability to make your house structurally sound along with FREE design and engineer services on all beam products. We even stock and cut our own l.v.l’s and i-joists.

    Engineered hardwood is a versatile alternative to solid wood. Unlike solid hardwood, which is one piece of wood milled from a tree, engineered wood flooring is actually made of several wood plies (layers) that are fused together under heat and pressure.