Transformative Moulding by Mans Lumber & Millwork

Since 1900, Mans Lumber & Millwork has been the area's premier crown moulding and door trim installer. Not only does moulding create a unique and sophisticated accent to any room, but it can also be a significant "wow" factor for potential buyers. So, whether you're looking to stay in your home or sell, it's an excellent investment into your home. We have four locations throughout Michigan, so you can find the right type of style and design to inspire your next bathroom or kitchen remodel. Whether you're a homeowner or contractor, we have the experience and products to ensure that your project is handled correctly and is affordable. Contact us today to get started.

Types of Moulding for Your Home

There is a wide variety of moulding options available to home and business owners through the area. As the leader in decorative moulding and trim, you can be confident that our team has experience installing any type of moulding or trim in your home. Our team of experienced carpenters has the tools and knowledge to install moulding throughout your home to create seamless transitions and beautiful accent pieces that add a luxury and class to your home. If you want to improve the look of your home without breaking the bank, moulding might be the right choice. Whether you're building new or renovating, our team can help you choose the right moulding or trim for your project.

  • Baseboard – Baseboard is the most common type of moulding found throughout homes and businesses. The right baseboard can create a gorgeous transition from your floor to the wall.

  • Crown Moulding – Crown moulding can give the appearance of higher ceilings when installed between your walls and ceilings. Add a corner block to accentuate the transition throughout each wall.

  • Casing – Aside from being an ornate part of your home, casing conceals gaps between the drywall and a door or window frame.

  • Handrails – Your home's stairs serve a functional purpose, but that doesn't mean they can't add a touch of elegance and exquisite detail.

  • Chair Rails – Chair rails will protect your walls from scuff marks while helping to create unique patterns in your home. It can also streamline the transition between paint and wallpaper on walls. Chair rails are most commonly installed in kitchens and dining rooms.

  • Picture Rails – Picture rails are more common the older the home. However, if you want a unique way to hang your photographs and art, picture rails may be right for you.

  • Wainscoting – Wainscoting is a type of decorative panel and trim combination that can be installed throughout your home to break up a room's color pallet. It is often used in bathroom renovations.

Molding Types that Mans Lumber & Millwork Offers

Mans Lumber & Millwork is the area's leader in moulding and trim. We have access to some of the top brand name manufacturers to ensure that your project looks great and lasts. Adding a molding or trim is one of the easiest and least expensive building techniques that you can use to create an immediate impact and increase your property's perceived value. From standard mouldings to custom mouldings and trim, the designs make a difference in any room. No matter the age of your home, mouldings and trim work add character to any interior. We have the knowledge and experience to install:

  • Crown Moulding

  • Handrails & Balusters

  • Baseboard

  • Chair Rails

What's the Right Molding Type for My Home?

Moulding is a timeless accent that can be easily installed in any home or office to create beautiful transitions. At Mans Lumber & Millwork, we have access to some of the industry's best manufacturers including, Metrie, Alexandria Moulding, Empire, White River, and Flex Trim. Our team of design experts can help you create a unique interior for your home. Whether you're building new or plan on renovating, moulding is an excellent way to improve your space's look and value. Our installation professionals have the knowledge and experience to install your moulding and trim while staying within your project timeline.

Choose the Local Trim and Moulding Experts

Mans Lumber & Millwork has four locations throughout Michigan. Each of our showrooms have samples of trim and moulding to help inspire your next home renovation project. Our team of experts will work within your design and budget to help you select the right moulding and trim to create a unique interior for your home. With access to the top names in moulding, you can be confident that you're getting the best products at the best prices. Contact our team today to schedule your design consultation.


  • No matter the age of your home, custom mouldings and trim work add character to any interior or exterior. Baseboard mouldings not only offer an appealing finished look to any room, but they also protect the area where your walls meet the floor. Chair rail moulding protects walls from scuff marks caused by chairs and helps streamline the transition between paint and wallpaper on walls. Cove mouldings offer a concave design for a subtle but eye-pleasing interior trim. Installing crown moulding adds a decorative touch atop doors, windows, cabinets, and interior walls. Cutting crown moulding is a breeze for our skilled team who can install wall, ceiling, door, cabinet, and corner moulding for all your needs.

  • Although many homeowners often don’t give doors inside their house a second thought, they serve an integral role. Interior doors not only act as room dividers, but they also enhance your home’s style. Likewise, exterior entry doors serve a dual purpose in functionality and design. They protect you from unwanted entry and create a favorable first impression for guests to your home. Mans Lumber & Millwork pre-hangs more than 100 doors a day in our production department where custom jamb sizes, square corner hinges, and replacement door slabs of all sizes are an affordable possibility.

  • Your home’s stairs may serve a functional purpose, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also add a touch of elegance with exquisite details. From hand railings to newels, balusters, and treads, Mans Lumber & Millwork works with some of the best carpenters in Southeast Michigan to elevate any staircase project. Adding custom millwork to your home not only enhances personal spaces with quality workmanship, but it also increases a home’s value thanks to the attention to detail involved.

  • Could your home benefit from custom doors or door hardware? Mans Lumber & Millwork has access to many wood species to find the ideal door type for your home. We also specialize in hardware for doors that offers security and peace of mind. Whether you want to create a bold statement or subtle accents inside your living space, our creative solutions deliver on customer satisfaction.

  • Wherever you’re located in Southeast Michigan, Mans Lumber & Millwork would be happy to assist you with installing crown moulding or custom millwork. We have three locations in Ann Arbor, Canton, and Trenton with well-stocked showrooms, and a fourth Selection Center in Birmingham, all with experienced staff waiting to offer you a personalized level of customer service not found in big-box chains. Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding wall, floor, ceiling, or crown moulding corners, and we’d be happy to help. Custom millwork and architectural trims can make any space appear more symmetrical and finished!