What’s The Best Way To Secure A Door From The Inside?

November 2, 2023
locks on door


Securing a door from the inside is crucial for personal safety and property protection, especially in regard to the security of your front door. Various techniques can be employed to create a barricaded door, depending on one’s specific needs and circumstances. Here’s a look at some of those techniques:

  1. Using Deadbolts and Locks – The use of deadbolts and high quality locks remains a conventional way to secure a door from the inside. This provides an extra layer of front door security, especially with modern smart locks that come with advanced encryption features.
  2. Door Reinforcement Kits – These kits are essential in strengthening both the door and the door frame, making them resilient to forced entry. Typical reinforcements include metal plates, door jammers, and reinforced strike plates.
  3. Installing a Door Security Bar – A door security bar can be positioned across the interior of the door, adding another layer of protection. These bars are commonly used alongside other security measures to provide comprehensive safety.
  4. Window Film and Glass Security – For doors with glass elements, applying security film can prevent the glass from being easily shattered. Additionally, security grills or bars enhance protection.
  5. Portable Locks and Other Secondary Locking Devices – Portable door lock mechanisms, door jammers, and slide bolt latches can be effective secondary locking devices. These portable solutions offer quick and efficient ways to secure a door, especially in emergencies.
  6. Personal Vigilance – Regular checks on the integrity of locks and doors, as well as awareness of who has access to keys, can make a notable difference. Ongoing maintenance ensures the reliability of all security measures.
  7. Combining Methods – A well-rounded approach involving a combination of several of these methods is often the most effective strategy. Using multiple security layers, such as a security door bar and portable door lock, can fend off even the most determined intruder.


The best approach to securing a door from the inside includes a blend of physical barriers and technological means, tailored to the types of doors and individual security needs. Whether you’re focusing on front door security or securing other entry points, these methods can create a robust system to keep unauthorized access at bay.

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